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“Red Sea”. The second largest colonies of dolphins in the world

Dolphins are unique marine animals, although they don't see, but it depends on their nourishment on sound to catch prey, marine scientists, ancient believes that animal tends to wild more, despite its disability to live in it, some scientists believed that it had feet since millions of years for help it to spread on land, especially it's skeleton contains two small shaped like little stick on its back sides, what made them believe it's relic foot.


Red Sea the second largest colonies of dolphins in the world”... That was information corroborated by marine scientists; dolphins are divided into 40 kinds around the word, 8 of them spread on Red Sea, by making Egypt the second world nations that have those funny animals, on the head, humpback, coarse teeth, riceo, nose-flask, tropical dotted, popular, lines, and dizziness dolphin.

Dolphin”... Its aquatic animal from whales, has a relation with the porpoises, prefer quiet areas, fewer of them choose live nearly of coasts, because its nearby from people, depends on its feed on fish, crustaceans and squids, a fewer of them, is ravenous, which depends on mammals, birds and big fishes on its feed, that kind have a long, sharp and strong teeth, it's up to 250 years ago, despite it isn't consider a risk of human.

Dolphin considered as socialistic animal from the first degree, it's live in groups as usual; every one of them has a special voice or “whistling”, take it as name since born, all group of them featuring with intelligence, flexibility and ability to live and different situations, which lives together in cooperation socialistic, together they are defending of themselves, take care of patient or injured, and females helps female during dolphin birth.


Dolphins haven't high speed, which depends on sea surfing speed, in long distance moves, creates a number of acrobatic moves that is famous within it.

As for dolphins, which live in Egypt, the dolphin of the coarse teeth, coming on the top, existence in open and deep areas, on Red Sea and Persian Gulf, loved diving until 70m, for researching about its feed of small and medium fishes, but it sometimes shelter to squids, if it didn't found its main feed, lives between groups, it's numbers from 10 to 20, it's length up to 2,8 m, it's weight up to 155kg, and it's age 30 years ago almost.

There is also the dolphin of the nose-flask; it's like the dolphin of “the coarse teeth” considerably, but it features a light gray, which black sometimes, in addition to back-flipper, it's length up to 4m, it's weight up to more than 650km, can lived between a flock up to 200 dolphins, the only one can lived between a flock of humpback dolphins, feed on squids, with it's all different size, sometimes can also divine to 600m, it's speed can reach to 30km in hour.

Either line's dolphin, it lived in groups stat from 8 and up to 120 dolphins, prefer a deep and away water than the beaches, can live till 57 years, it's dark gray tends to blue, on its sides a white lines, beginning from mouth till to tail, on curvy shape, it has tapered dark blue-flipper, it considered the only one, that had a shame from people, which pushed it to be introvert, so the researcher didn't have enough information for it, but ancient known as inspirational of Greek poets.

Riceo dolphin, it's another one as “Rabban dolphin”, it's dark gray, it has a big number of the white lines around its body, it hasn't an appear nose on the head, around of it a number of heavy scratch, as a result of squid bites, which considered it as its basic food, in addition to fishes and crustaceans, it's length up to 4,8m, it's weight up to 500kg, lived in groups between 3 and 30 dolphins, as usual, be in deep seas, oceans and around the continental shelves.

Humpback dolphin, almost, be a nearby of the beaches, considered the most popular one, which appear so much for people on the Red Sea, specially, in gulfs, around the islands, and Shura trees areas, female length up to 2,5m, male length up to 3,2m, as it's weight up to 284kg, considered the most funny for human, lived in groups up to more than 30 dolphins, and it's like the dolphin of the nose-flask. It's depends in its feed on fishes, squids and crustaceans as basically.

Popular dolphin, one of the most dolphins on Red Sea, it's distinguished from others, with a dark head, extended until behind its back-flipper, with silver, which tends to white, on its sides, stomach, and extended until the tail, as there is a black zigzag line, on lower-jaw extended until front-flipper, it's lived between a flock up to 30 dolphins, considered most dolphin, which riding boat waves, and fast ships, it's length up to 2,6m, it's weight 136kg, it's speed 65km in hour, it also cans diving to 280m.

Tropical dotted dolphin, don't exceed, it's length of 2m, the most weight of its 120kg, it lives till 45 years ago, it can also swim with speed up to 40km in hour, it lived in tropical areas, on seas and open oceans, but sometimes going on places such as closed, as Red Sea, it lived between a flock more than 100 dolphins, can also live between another kinds of dolphins, or tuna fish around the beach, fishes and squids considered as its basic feed, featuring with dark gray-back, and light gray-stomach, there is also white around the front of the beak, and lower-jaw, until front-flipper, in addition the white dotted on its body.

Either dizziness dolphin, called with it name, as a result for it dizzies around itself, while jumping, there is no evidence, tells us, what is that, but it known, as most dolphins, which loved playing, scientists have observed that, its allocate appropriate times to play, it's length up to 2,7m, which considered the smallest, so it's weight just only 77kg, it's speed up to 20km in hour, and it's age 20 year ago, featuring with dark gray-back, and white stomach, with a light gray zigzag line on its sides, there is also bumps, in the lowest of tail, which likes flipper.

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