First Egyptian geological park

"Valley of obstacles" A piece of Mars swimming under the feet of the galaxy's arm

Geologists described it as the natural history of the earth museum, and space scientists and researchers as the Mars valley,Astronomers described it as the surface of the earth that reveals the arm of the galaxy, a valley that dives into the heart of the Egyptian white desert.


More than 80 million years ago, following the siege of the thess sea, which extended to the middle of Egyptian territory and beyond the fayum governorate , The valley of obstacles is the result of erosion factors in central western Sahara, creating hundreds of rocky hills with "mushroom" peaks, The lower part is composed of pre-paleocene cretaceous rocks.

The valley of obstacles, which lies about 600 kilometres from Cairo, has been acquired,And it's over 3,000 square kilometers in size, named out of those geographical obstacles that nature dug millions of years ago, The valley is full of hills and rocks, as well as sand dunes that have been obstacles to the inhabitants and visitors of the valley.

According to the professor of physical geography, mansoura university faculty of literature, Dr. Abdelhamid ahmed , valley of the obstacles is one of the most important and famous natural shrines in western Sahara, being near the hills of the white Sahara, formed by the limestone deposits , For millions of years, erosion has enabled him to embrace many rare endangered animals, such as the funk fox, Egyptian and white deer , And irrigated ram, as well as rare insects and reptiles.

As the valley of obstacles tells the geological history of the earth, so does the human history of the inhabitants of that region , According to archaeologists, the valley contains much of its prehistoric monuments. There are many rare tombs and caves, the remains of old mummies and carvings , The remains of ancient Roman houses and the remains of clay vessels confirm that one day man lived on that land.

For historical and natural importance, UNESCO classified the white desert and its valleys , And on top of the  valley of obstacles, on the world heritage list , As Egypt's first geological park, it became a popular area for exploration amateurs and natural and astronomical amateurs , The reality of the valley of obstacles can be clearly captured during nighttime periods, especially in the period before dawn.

What's more, the rare nature of the valley has made it the focus of researchers and astronomers, So NASA selected it to conduct all the research for spacecraft flights to Mars, The canyon is based on space science experts that resemble the red planet, According to many astronomers in the valley, the stars, the planets, the arm of the galaxy, and the movement of the stars can be seen.

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