It`s rocks was consisted since 70 million years ago

"White desert".. Hot snows land and 10,000 years of civilization

"Look like the North Pole or The Siberian ice desert".. So called Western desert traveler, however, it`s blazing sun and hot winds, out of this cold rating. "White desert".. Here fantasy raised reality, so it occurs to you that nature comic dances boyish chime in to create that paradoxical scene between hot and cold icy weather picture, located 45 km North of Farafra, 570 km of Cairo, it`s 3010 km².


A world of drifting sands and fleeting wealth, a long history over time can be detected through this landscape, paleontology scattered prepared on its white land clear indicator for change the climate in this region through history, it`s rocks dating to the Cretaceous, dating back to 70 million  years ago, formed as a results of the onslaught of "Téthys" Sea that region.

Rock chalk natural museum, in the center of white desert, it is only here you can see the chicken next to the atomic bomb, or what some call it "chicken and mushrooms", is that rock which is used as a logo for region since as nature reserve in 2002, there are many names of famous rocks according to their shape, as Camel, Horse, Falcon rock, in addition to sands known as African rock.

Called on Farafra, inland and marine OASIS, in Roman time "ground wheat", for its adoption in it, there are still remnants of buildings on lowest of this area, including Farafra Palace and "Ain Bas" temple, in addition to Rocky graves free of patterns. Farafra was only refuge for Christians who are persecuted by Romans in Christians I era, there are clear fingerprints in areas Pastor Abo Sa`id, Ain Ashwai, and Hance, in Islamic era, trade flourished in it of dates and olives, even convoys carrying OASIS products to Dairot, and returning to it with fabrics and tea.

Ismāʿīl Pasha in Modern eras 1874 by converting the famous German world trip "Gear Hard Rolf" to it, to discuss about the fact that there is no water river, he tries to penetrating the great sand sea, which located on West of Farafra, but he can`t do it, so he turned to North with convoy of 100 camels and 90 men, 12 German from them, carrying different branches of science, as Geology, Botany, zoology, archeology, astronomy, and geodesy, shared his book "3 months in Western desert".

Old white desert were replete with human beings, patterns were a motifs that adorn the walls of "white" cave, evidence of civilization that had prevailed in the region for 10,000 years ago, these inscriptions are animal motifs reflect the Nubian rock art traditions, there are also drawing for 2 hands painted cave walls.

In vicinity of cave there is a plateau lies a mysterious effects structures whose owners stories faded from memory over time, but refer to situation of that fleeting era, as a man his drawing left at the entrance of Jara cave, is one of rarest canes in the world, sediment-rich, up to age of 40,000,000 years, nearby located Wadi Muharraq, white desert protected area after about 7 km towards Asyut, founded by German Gear Hard Rolf 1873.

Jara cave its decreasing surmounted by perk up high, it`s entrance a small opening in lowest, connected by a narrow oblique, full of sands, is evidence of soft life on Western desert in ancient eras, create as natural results of pure water and dry weather in desert during millions years, contrary to all caves of region in its form and composition, its height up to 3 or 4 as Rolfs description. Visitors of white desert prefer to camping in it as usual, there`s no place else shows all these stars which styles decorated heaven, as it appears in its sky Milky clear over rocks, as glare of Venus to the night of sky is decorated with its light.

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