The pearl of "West Suhail" village

"Ashri Narti".... The paradise of Nubia and the island of beauty

It was a summer night in 2015 , when the young man stood  to meditate the nature of that charming village, this was his first visit to the village, there he felt it's pristine nature and  the magic of its immortal heritage, he heard his ancestors voice calling him to build a guesthouse  for the researchers of that history.


 Ahmed Saqr, one of the five young men who decided to head for south,to build that guesthouse or that unique hotel which they called "ashri narti" ;"ashri" means beauty and "narti" means the last place of shade before sunrise. The village of west suhail has been selected as an attempt to merge the present with heritage and  change the village to be an ecotourism village as the whole hotel was built out of eco-friendly materials.


"Mai Badr" designed the hotel, she also organized the festival of arts with 18 artists of different specialisms including wall painters, glass painters and sculptors. The drawings and decorations of "ashri narti" were borrowed from genuine Nubian nature.

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