Our ancestors predated the Romeo`s more than 45 centuries

the Pharaohs the oldest peoples in recording love stories

Greatly impressed by tales of love and adoration for western civilization, we look a lot for the love words that they recorded on the walls of their papers and temples, we lived too long with their tales, from Romeo and Juliet which William Shakespeare the English writer, who excelled to tell the story of their love at the ends of 16th century, to the Egyptian 'Cleopatra' and the Roman commander 'Mark Antonio', queen`s 'Lancelot', King Arthur`s wife, and her stud 'Goinfer', 'Cinderella', 'Paris', 'Helen', that famous Greek writer 'Humorous' excelled in wrote their story in his historical epic chapter`s 'Elias', 'Paolo', and 'Francesca', the famous Italian hero`s 'Dante Alighieri', ' the Divine Comedy', which wrote it in the early of 14th century, etc...


Alien to most love stories, love stories, mostly situated within the Fantasies and Mythologies, take care of those myths and ignore the real stories in our Northeast, newly discovered relics uncovered on our land from the oldest stories of love and romance, real stories for real persons, left a scenes of beautiful adoration on the stone, in Babylon and the land of the pharaohs.

Love cemetery


Since 50 years ago, specifically in the summer of 1960, Saqqara desert served us a great report, although it`s a singer working in one tile of the Pharaohs, but love nature disclosed in that beautiful time, named 'Kahai', lived in Saqqara area in Giza governorate before 4400 years, any in the 15th family, and the ancient Egyptian state, which ruled during the period of 2495 to 2345 BC.


Researcher didn`t understand for 50 years what they found on the walls of 'Kahai' singer cemetery, despite all his documents and images that was codified in a book that specializes in 1971, maybe because the researcher who photographed the walls and paintings of old photographs, black and white, even scientists Egyptology Center on the Australian University of 'Makoray' from the unveiling of the most important painting in that cemetery, once they have used approximate colors.

'Look at madam and lover… so I get my strength from your eyes… look into my eyes… you will know how much I love you…' that was the surprise Australian team found, oldest love story, even the most beautiful scenery you can find in any global relic, underline and write in the history books, out of here, of Egypt, since 4400 years ago.


-Young 'Kahai', that humble lover, love his wife, the priestess Mirititis very much, wanted to immortalize his love story with that scene adaptation, an exchange of two conversations so much among themselves, I love you my madam , I love you my lord, not only does 'Kahai' to  those phrases on his walls, but depth in the scene his love for his wife, ha painted her with a rare type, never used it, but just kings ancient state, used it in their pyramids, so went with that wonderful picture.


Standing in front of 'Kahai' and his wife 'Mirititis' panel will be aware that the anomaly trances lovers that reveal the painting stare of husband and wife in the eyes of each other, feelings of love that dominated in a clear, the wife put her hand on the shoulder of her husband hand, painting 'Kahai`s' appears wearing a leopard and holds a stick and mace, it`s symbolically to power, as ancient Egypt though, 'Mirititis' was wearing along dress with narrow suspenders.


Egyptology expert Australian 'Meral Lachine' in Makorai University, when they asked her about the importance of that wall painting said that; the 'Kahai' cemetery is an example of the importance that was given to the women at that time, the repeated submission of woman in works of art in various cemeteries, and photographed the same size which was which depict couples and brothers, all of which implies equal status.

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