A king of Handcrafts over his throne in Gharb Sehail

Ashraf Nola: A Nubian man with golden magical fingers who engraves his ancestors legacy by hands

Once you step in Gharb sehail village, you feel like you go through  a time machine and you pass to another world. A whole new world of authenticity  and honorable lineage, Which resembles the ambience of ancient history, A history of ancestors whose descendants vowed to save it in the heart.

In a quite small corner, an old genius man in his mid seventies , tall and skinny and the same as all of Luxor citizens he has a dark skin, a huge grey mustache and  the eyes of a hunting eagle. A real meaning of kindness and pure heart.

Asharf Nola, the name he is known for, everyone met him before call him the golden fingers. Since his tender years, he specialized in the Nubian handmade scarves which he inherited from his father and grandfather. Inside his small workshop, you will find him working using his simple wooden  machine for handmade, To his side his Apprentice, Who is thrilled to learn from his master, Filled with hopes to grow up one day and inherit his knowledge and his magical spell.

Everything inside this workshop is Ashraf nola's Handmade, the word ( NOLA) is an Arabic word means loom, such word is paired to his name, to show us how much he and his loom are associate, In the early morning, he paints his threads in joyful colors, he chooses colors carefully, the bright ones which touch your soul, A fan of Blue, red& yellow which are very special about the authentic Nubian handmade, After painting the threads quietly he starts his magic spell on loom.

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