Getting ready to celebrate 160 years anniversary of its established

'Alexandria tramway'.. The park around Downtown landmarks Mediterranean bride

Since nearly 160 years, specifically in 1860, Mohamed Saeed Pasha takes over Egypt decided to creating the first and largest mass transport in Africa, may be in the south whole world, Alexandria city opted to develop this great port, in Augusts of the same year gave a decree to one of England`s biggest traders, Sir Edward San John Ferman, to begin with the first story line tram in Egypt.

'Alexandria Tram' or agree rename 'Alexandria Tramway', it was and still one of the highlights of that ancient city, despite the passage of almost a century and half, still retains its appearance heritage, the shinning Yellow robe, and another Green takes eyes, walking down the streets of mermaid sociable his passenger, but all the people who meets on his way, joking them with a mixture of antique his horns whistling, and the sound of his iron wheels, except in those neighborhoods find city folk and elite, with her streets, wide squares and original lanes, tells of his journey back and forth the history of Alexandria.

The tram project began more than a century and a half, with a big capital more than 12000 pounds, it was divided on 1200, and per share has been determined by about 100 pounds, that named ' Strada Ferrata Tra Allessandria Ramla', to begin working in September 1862 first placed iron bars in the obelisk Cleopatra, sand station currently, to be opened on 8 September 1863, the tram enables which dragged by 4 horses, and made up of 4 carriages, one first class, two second class, the later was a third class, transfer the Alexander's from Alexandria station to garah station.

After less than 8 months, with take over Khedive Ismail controlled, in the shadow of his interest in the reconstruction and development of Alexandria, in order to stay in summer, on Augusts 22, 1863 in developing railway steam locomotive used them instead horses, then decree creating the Alexandria railway company and sand with a capital of 110,000 pounds to start a series of expression and development.

In 1897 the Alexandria tram witnessed new development, where start in a double line of 'sand' and 'garah' stations, to become the main line of the Alexandria tramway system, in the same year another European company were allowed coming from Belgium to run tram city yellow, to create  'Alexandria tramway' company, as the company managed by 'Monsieur Doah' with electrical wiring, the ceremony conducted first carriages on September  4,1897 in presence of Khedive Abbas' Helmy II, in 1904, replaced the steam locomotives with electric transfer passengers from sand station to Sray teen head station.

'Alexandria tramway isn`t a traditional transport.. but a moving park walking around downtown landmarks Mediterranean bride.. it was a description of one the former drivers of Alexandria tram named' Uncle Al-Sayed',who began his journey with him from more than 3 decades ago, specifically in 1989, he is believe that those historic vehicle offers overlooking heritage want big opportunity for his passengers, both were juniors or senior, to enjoy the ambience and contours of Alexandria.